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Water treats everything – it is the unique health philosophy, which was created and refined by the German priest Sebastian Kneipp in the 19th century. The treatment by Sebastian Kneipp strengthens the whole body, heals the body and soul, and strengthens the immune system. Sebastian Kneipp's natural methods of stregthening the body are thoroughly investigated and successfully used by hundreds of the most famous resorts in Western European countries.
Body strengthening procedures in KNEIPP‘s GARDEN:

  1. Procedure for the feet on the Reflexology Path
  2. Wading barefoot the stork‘s steps
  3. Procedure for hands with KNEIPP‘s coffee
  4. Walking through the dewy grass on the Meadow Path

Price list

A special territory - KNEIPP‘s GARDEN, intended for the procedures with cold water for the strengthening of the body and the immune system, is specially designed according to Kneipp‘s guidelines and performed procedure techniques. In the Kneipp‘s Garden, there is is a stone-cobbled path for barefoot walks on wet stones; boring natural mineral water, running from one of the rotondas is intended for spilling with cold mineral water, and there is also a very popular, small swimming pool with cold mineral water for wading barefoot in cold water up to the calves.

Water therapy. Water procedures for strengthening the body according to the Kneipp‘s technique method make wonders, it is a specially equipped Kneipp‘s area or otherwise called Kneipp‘s Garden. Specialized water exercises are also arranged; they improve the general condition of the body, well-being, their goal is to strengthen the immune system, relax muscles, and improve joint mobility.

Movement Therapy. They are various types of morning and evening exercises, specialized kinesitherapy in the hall and in the water individually or in a group. Participants of health programs can choose the right option for them, and in their leisure time, cycling, Nordic walking in pure pine forest or just walking in the woods.

Harmony Therapy. Emotional health improvement combined with music therapy and aromatherapy in the rest and relaxation room will help to relax, calm down and overcome stress.

Healthy Diet. The healing properties of mineral water are beneficial to the body, supplement it with  minerals, improve the functioning of the digestive system. During your stay, you can drink mineral water, which has a mild flavor, of medium mineralization, with a small amount of natural carbonic acid. In the hotel restaurant, you can also choose from the menu of Raw Food, which is especially useful for the digestive system. Raw food is the food that is not thermally processed. Dishes are always fresh, tasty and easy to digest.

Herbal Therapy. Herbs have healing and relaxing effects. You can relax in the natural herbal bath. After a variety of health treatments, you will taste the specially selected KNEIPP‘s herbal tea according to Sebastian Kneipp's recipe in the rest and relaxation room.

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