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Since ancient times it’s been known, that water means life. Due to its unique properties, water is the source of life and energy.

 Water can be used for health improvement in various ways. Important factors in water therapy are:

  • Temperature (cold and warm water, steam baths)
  • Mechanical factor (underwater massages, showers)
  • Chemical factor (baths with herbs, minerals and oils)

Movement is life. Without movement life becomes passive, muscles become stiff, joint pain arises, mood worsens and all of this disturbs the natural processes of the organism. In order to have a balanced body and feel strong, people must move. One must choose an activity suitable for them. This encompasses various morning and evening exercises, yoga, Nordic walking through the woods, riding a bicycle, table tennis, water aerobics.

Such health improvement strengthens the entire organism, tempers the body and soul.

Water plays an important role in the daily diet. Mineral water is even more beneficial. Such water should be consumed in moderation. Our mineral water promotes digestion, it is of a mild taste and smell and is of medium mineralization. Healthy diet is providing the organism with all the necessary nutrients and energy to maintain the ideal weight and health. Food is very important for disease prevention and health improvement. Therefore, we offer a separate table with healthy foods according to S. Kneipp.

For deep relaxation, we offer baths with medicinal herbs. Warm water and herbal tea improves well-being and calms the mind and body.

In order to personally tailor the herbs according to problems, we offer tea mixtures or individual herbs.

It is the art of calming one’s thoughts and reseting one’s mind. This therapy ensures physical and emotional compatibility. It encompasses breathing yoga in a salt chamber, art therapy, aromatherapy, meditation in the woods, various body and facial massages, rituals, relaxation with a glass of mineral water or a cup of tea.

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