Royal SPA Residence

We invite you to try the petanque game. For the game inventory, contact the hotel reception.

Nordic Walking
The nearby Škėvoniai outcrop is a great place to take a walk.
Rent of sticks without a specialist - 1 hour - 2,00 Eur
Rent of sticks with a specialist - 1 hour - 6,00 Eur

Škėvonys Outcrop and Educational Nature Path
Škėvonys outcrop is one of the most famous outcrops of quaternary age in the river Nemunas valley slopes. More than half a kilometer extending outcrop is the unique crest of Škėvonys incision with the bright sediment layers of the last two ice ages and interglacial sediment layers. The height of the outcrop reaches 33 meters. Nature path winds from the Royal SPA Residence through Birštonas and Škėvonys crests, formed by the Nemunas 12,000 years ago, that is protected by Škėvonys geomorphological reserve as far as Škėvonys outcrop.


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