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Soothe the nervous system, strengthen the body's resistance 

This is a nonmedical method of physical well-being, created using an artificial microclimate that is the same as in the salt mines. The saline aerosol reaches the small bronchi through the respiratory tract and improves the function of the vortex epithelium. When exposed to bronchi, small particles of salt act as anti-inflammatory substance. Having chronic diseases of the respiratory system, the amount of salt in the tissues decreases, and by inhalation of the salt aerosol, the pathological secretion and allergens that cause the disease are better and faster removed. Halotherapy procedures soothe the nervous system, strengthen the body's resistance, they are suitable for the prophylaxis of thyroid diseases, since the saline environment is rich in iodine. Saline treatments are recommended for vegetative disorders (bad sleep, lack of appetite, nervousness). Saline treatment is suitable for both children and adults. Usually 10-15 sessions are given.

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