SPA center

A special territory - KNEIPP‘s GARDEN, intended for the procedures with cold water for the strengthening of the body and the immune system, is specially designed according to Kneipp‘s guidelines and performed procedure techniques. In the Kneipp‘s Garden, there is is a stone-cobbled path for barefoot walks on wet stones; boring natural mineral water, running from one of the rotondas is intended for spilling with cold mineral water, and there is also a very popular, small swimming pool with cold mineral water for wading barefoot in cold water up to the calves.

Water therapy. Water procedures for strengthening the body according to the Kneipp‘s technique method make wonders, it is a specially equipped Kneipp‘s area or otherwise called Kneipp‘s Garden. Specialized water exercises are also arranged; they improve the general condition of the body, well-being, their goal is to strengthen the immune system, relax muscles, and improve joint mobility.