Good food and comfortable surrounding

Harmony between good food, comfortable surrounding and nature

The four star hotel‘s Royal SPA Residence restaurant with an elegant interior and the unique view through its windows at Sebastian Kneipp’s garden, welcomes to feel harmony between good food, comfortable surrounding and nature.


Quiet and relaxing places

Our hotel can offer not only a restaurant, but also a lobby bar  space, a winter garden and a summer outdoor terrace.
The lobby bar is a quiet and relaxing place, where you can spend your time with a new book, taken from a nearby library.
The winter garden is the place that always has a smell of summer, which will capture you not only with beautiful views behind the window, eternally green flowers, but there is also a huge aquarium with exotic fishes that will not let you get bored.
The summer terrace is the place, where summertime guests are welcome. You can enjoy the tranquility, the scents and views of Kneipp‘s Garden and Škėvoniai forest in the quiet environment...

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